CCSPCA Dispatch Center Team Fosters Seven Pups!

On Wednesday, December 5, 2012, seven Labrador/Shepherd mix puppies and their father were rescued. A concerned citizen placed the call that morning that he had found a large black male dog standing next to a deceased female dog and their puppies on the side of the road. The male dog was very territorial and would not allow the citizen to get near the puppies. When our animal control officer appeared on the scene he noticed that the father dog had picked up his puppies and shoved them in a rabbit hole. The father dog paced back and forth in front of the hole, barking and growling at our officer while protecting his babies. It didn’t take our officer long to gain the trust of the father dog and rescue the entire family.

The puppies are approximately 10 days to two weeks old. Our dispatch center team has offered to sponsor the puppies, seeing as they need to be bottle fed. As soon as they reach the desired weight and age they will be available to adopt. These puppies have been separated from both parents and will be needing a lot of love and care.

All Dog Adoptions Include: Spay/Neuter, DHPP Vaccine, Bordetella Vaccine, De-Wormer, Rabies Vaccine, Fresno Dog License, Microchip Implant & Registration, Frontline Flea and Tick Control, Wellness Exam Within 14 Days and $750 in Insurance.

by Sasha Bell