Stray Animals

Losing your pet can be a frightening experience. We’re here to help.

The CCSPCA is contracted with the City of Fresno to perform animal control services, which includes the impounding of stray animals.­­­

We accept stray dogs, cats, and other animals found within the City of Fresno limits, only.  We are unable to accept stray animals from other cities or counties.

If a stray animal is determined to have been found in Fresno County, the client is informed to take the animal to the county’s animal control service provider, Fresno Humane Animal Services, 559-600-7387.

At the time of a stray animal’s intake, we require the location of where the animal was found and the client’s valid ID.  Regardless of where the client lives, we will always accept a stray animal if found within the City of Fresno limits.

The Stray Animal building is open 365 days a year for the drop-off of stray animals and reclaim of lost pets.  Hours are 8am – 5pm (6pm on Wednesdays).

Stray Animals Holding Periods:

  • When a stray animal is brought in, employees immediately check the animal for ID tags and scan for a microchip.
  • Animals without any form of identification (microchip, license, or basic dog tags with relevant owner contact information), are held for four (4) days (not including the day they arrived).
  • In the event that the animal has any identification, they will be held for ten (10) days (not including the day they arrived).
  • Injured or sick animals that are suffering may be held fewer days.
  • Animals unclaimed within the holding periods may be made available for adoption.
  • Please Note: just because a stray hold period is up does not mean that an animal will automatically be euthanized.  At this point, by law, rights to make decisions about an animal’s future are transferred to the shelter.  And these decisions are never made lightly.

Adoptions of stray animals that have served the legal stray holding period are primarily from the Adoption Center which is open daily from 10:00am – 5:00pm (6pm on Wednesdays).  Click here to view adoptable pets.

And when a loose or stray animal comes into our shelter, we post a picture of it onto this website by the end of that business day.

Lost your pet?  Please click here for more information and to view lost pets.