What does CCSPCA stand for?  What do you do, exactly?

CCSPCA stands for the Central California Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.  The CCSPCA is a private non-profit organization that seeks to prevent cruelty and neglect of animals through education, enforcement of state cruelty laws and by treating and caring for animals that have nowhere else to go.  The CCSPCA also provides the Animal Control services for the City of Fresno by way of contract.  Donations that go to the CCSPCA do not supplement its contractual obligations for animal control services, as these are funded by the City.

CCSPCA operations that do not include Animal Control and Pound services are funded primarily through donations and include our Spay/Neuter and Foster Programs and many other services that are directly related to animals, pets, and their owners.

How do you work here? Isn’t it hard?

Our employees are dedicated to the welfare of animals that come to our animal care center and, although it is difficult at times, it is the most rewarding job knowing that you are making a difference.

Are you the only SPCA in Fresno?

We are the only SPCA and the only animal control agency for all of the City of Fresno. We still provide support services to the Central Valley community. 

How many animals do you Euthanize?

That varies on how many animals come through our doors.  It also varies on the number of adoptions, available space at animal care centers/rescues, and other resources.  Some animals that are taken in by the CCSPCA are euthanized at the owner’s request or are euthanized by Health Department, Fish and Game or other Government Agency’s requirements.