Animal Control Services

Animal Control Services and Rabies Control

The CCSPCA is contracted with Fresno City to conduct animal control services and rabies control enforcement.  The CCSPCA also works tirelessly in the pursuit of investigations of cruelty and the rescue of animals in cruel and inhumane conditions in both the City AND County of Fresno.  If you need assistance with animals at large, vicious animals, or suspect animal cruelty, please call 559-233-7722.

Non-emergency complaints may be submitted online using our Online Complaint Form.

Full Service Animal Control for City of Fresno
8AM to 5PM Monday – Friday

Emergency Response Only
4:30PM to 8AM every night
8AM to 5PM (Saturday, Sundays, and Holidays only)

State Law

v     Crimes Against Animals—CA Penal Code 597


Fresno Municipal Code (FMC)

v     Requirements—FMC 10-303

v     Animals At Large—FMC 10-308(a)

v     Animals Habitually At Large—FMC 10-308(b)

v     Failure to License Dog—FMC 10-318(d)

v     Number of Animals Permitted—FMC 10-324

v     Impoundment; Biting or Attacking Animal—FMC 10-326

v     Dangerous Animal Procedures—FMC 10-327

v     Pet Responsibility Act—FMC 10-329

v     Barking Dogs

*The CCSPCA does not contract with the City of Fresno to enforce barking dog ordinances; the Fresno Police Department handles these calls.


Fresno County Ordinance (FCO)

v     License Required—FCO 9.04.030

v     License-Issuance-Fees—FCO 9.04.040

v     License-Failure to Procure—FCO 9.04.160

v     Running At Large—FCO 9.04.250

v     Impoundment-Dangerous Dog—FCO 9.04.300

v     Dangerous Dog-Procedures—FCO 9.04.310


Field Services & Animal Control


Reclaiming Your Pet