Charitable Gifts & Gift Planning

Deferred Giving – Your Legacy and Bequest

Make a gift to CCSPCA in your will or trust.  By remembering CCSPCA in your estate plan, we can continue to support our programs and services, including the receiving and adoption of animals, spay/neuter services, education outreach programs, animal cruelty investigations, and much more.  You may also designate CCSPCA as a “successor beneficiary” to receive assets in case one or more of your primary beneficiaries does not outlive you.

Retirement Plan or Individual Retirement Account

Designate CCSPCA as a beneficiary of your retirement plan or IRA, including 401(k), 403(b), Keoegh or other qualified pension plan.  You can make CCSPCA a full or partial beneficiary, or a contingent beneficiary.

Life Insurance Policy

Designate CCSPCA as a beneficiary (or successor beneficiary) of a new or existing policy and take current and future income tax deductions for all or part of the premiums you pay on the policy.  Or transfer ownership of an existing policy with a cash value to CCSPCA and take a current income tax deduction for this value.

POD Accounts

Designate CCSPCA as the beneficiary (or successor beneficiary) of any POD (pay-on-death) account, such as a bank or credit union account. Your estate pays no estate taxes on the account assets if assets are disbursed to CCSPCA.

Tangible Property

CCSPCA accepts open land, homes, and commercial property real estate donations anywhere in the United States.  We also accept successor interests to contracts (such as rights to receive future royalties).  These donations assist in the support of our animal welfare programs and continuous care of the animals at our Animal Center.

Designated Fund

Under the umbrella of a community foundation, set up a fund that designates the distributions specifically to the CCSPCA.  This is a wonderful option for those donors who wish to provide continuous funding to CCSPCA over time.

For additional information, please contact or call 559.233.7722 ext. 108.


Selecting gift option(s) that make sense for you will depend on a variety of personal factors and preferences.  This information is not intended to provide definitive tax advice and you should consult your tax advisor to assess the potential tax consequences (to you and/or your estate) of making various types of charitable gifts.  Thank you very much for considering a donation to CCSPCA.  On behalf of all creatures big and small, we thank you for your generous support. 

Central California SPCA is a private, non-profit animal welfare organization and although the CCSPCA is contracted to conduct Animal Control Services and Rabies Control Enforcement within the City of Fresno, we are not federally, state, or locally funded and do not receive aid from any national organization (including the ASPCA). The CCSPCA owns its own land, buildings, and equipment purchased with privately donated funds.  Our funds come from our loyal supporters, allowing us to provide many vital services to our community.  Donations are tax-deductible to the extent provided by law; please check with your accountant or tax advisor for more information.  CCSPCA’s federal tax identification number is #94-1207695.