CCSPCA Welcomes Spring

Jasmine and her foal were seized by CCSPCA Officers, along with another injured horse, due to their depleted physical condition. The owner claimed to only have just obtained the horses a few days prior to when we responded to the property. The owner did have adequate food on the property at the time of the seizure. The owner chose not to request a hearing in accordance with California Penal Code 597.1, and therefore forfeited ownership of the horses. After a few days, the decision was made to separate the foal from Jasmine to allow her to recover more quickly. Later it was discovered that Jasmine was again pregnant, around three months.

  • Jasmine, an Arabian mare, arrived August 27, 2012
  • When she came in, Jasmine was very underweight with a baby at her side.
  • We estimated the filly to be about 6 months old.
  • We then discovered that Jasmine was about 3 months pregnant.
  • Jasmine is halter broke and can be handled.
  • Jasmine’s new filly was born shortly after 7:00 AM on April 15.
  • The new filly is doing well and appears to be an Appaloosa.
  • The filly born on April 15 has been given the name “Spring.”
  • This brings the count back up to 31 horses at the CCSPCA.