Wellness Fund – Donations of Medical Assistance

Donations of medical assistance of individual animals are available.

Donations toward a medical fund to help those animals in need of extra medical procedures such as cherry-eye surgery, inguinal hernia repair, etc., are very welcomed. These types of procedures are at an additional expense to the shelter which then applies the cost to the adoption fee at a greatly discounted price. The animal medical donation fund helps to offset the cost of these procedures rather than applying additional fees to the cost of an animal’s adoption.

If the amount of the donation(s) exceeds the actual cost of medical assistance, funds will be applied to help future animals in need of medical assistance.


Sponsorships of individual animals are not available.

Understandably, many sponsors want to give money as a form of insurance in an effort to help an animal become adopted and kept from being euthanized. Unfortunately, with over thousands of  animals entering our open-admission shelter each year, we cannot ever guarantee that this will not happen.

Sadly, pets in shelters, especially those who stay long term, may develop behavior issues which make the pet unsafe for adoption. Kennel stress can cause pets that did well at intake to become aggressive to other pets and people. If these problems cannot be re-mediated by behavior modification or changes in schedule and environment, we may need to make the decision to humanely euthanize the pet.

We are not able to place pets into homes where they might try to harm people or other pets. It is also possible that a pet may develop an illness so debilitating that the prognosis of recovery is poor. If our staff feels that recovery is unlikely or that the pet is suffering, the pet will be euthanized.