Leadership Team

We are passionately dedicated to our work and animals in our care.
We believe our commitment to compassion, respect, and kindness sets us apart.

2018/2019 Board of Directors

  • President

    David Miller

  • Vice President

    Mary Lisa Russell

  • Secretary

    Barbara Roe

  • Treasurer

    Cathy Garner

  • Phillip Andrews

  • John Brechmann

  • Gail Gorman

  • A. Padmanabham, M.D.

  • Mike Urrutia

  • Nancy Volkoff


  • Executive Director

    Linda Van Kirk

  • Executive Secretary

    Patricia Coulter

  • Human Resources Manager

    Barbara Fukumitsu, PHR, SHRM-CP

  • Spokesperson/Database Manager

    Walter Salvari

  • Shelter Operations Manager

    Noah Gomez

  • Animal Control Manager; Humane Officer

    Jesse Boyce

  • Field Operations Supervisor

    Don Williams

  • Spay/Neuter Services Manager

    Amy Peters, R.V.T.

  • Veterinarian

    Janice Breech, D.V.M.

  • Facilities Manager

    Walt Kuenzli, Jr.

  • Membership Manager/ Gift Store

    Sherry Minson

  • Volunteer Services Manager

    Linda Stolling

  • Kennel Supervisor

    Annette Peters

  • Customer Service Supervisor

    Anthony Villagrana

  • Dispatch Supervisor

    Dawn Dixon

  • Humane Education Coordinator

    Thalia Arenas

  • Foster Care Coordinator

    Cathy Balentine

  • Publication Coordinator

    Karley Kemble

  • Rescue Coordinator

    Laura McMaster

To contact any of the staff members, please call 559-233-SPCA.