Volunteer Team Information Sheet

Central California SPCA Volunteer
Team Information Sheet

The EAT (Exercise, Attention, Time) Team
The Eat Team makes sure that as many animals as possible receive socialization, sunshine, fresh air, exercise, and time one-on-one with someone.  The well-being of all of our animals is very important to us and this will boost their immunity as well as make them happier and less kennel stressed.  You will play a very important role in the process of finding their forever homes by spending quality time with them as you keep them socialized through the following activities:

  • Walking
  • Playing
  • Teaching basic commands, leash training
  • Cuddle time
  • Always make sure you use the EAT CARDS to ensure that all dogs up for adoption get outside for some fresh air, exercise, and attention.

The 7 DAY CAT Team
With so many kittens and cats, we are thrilled to give them a chance at adoption through the PetSmart 7 Day a Week Adoption Program.  We take cats and kittens out to some of the PetSmart stores where they stay until being adopted.   A special thank you goes to all of our Foster Care givers for helping so much with this program.   Not only do they foster many kittens that are still too little for surgery, they also foster cats that may have a mild URI and just need treatment so that they can become healthy enough to go off-site.  We need dedicated teams to visit the PetSmart stores to check on all the housed cats/kittens, make sure they have everything they need (this includes fun stuff like toys), to clean cages, and keep us up to date on how they are doing.

Nothing makes you look and feel better than a bath!   We need a dedicated team to come in and bathe designated animals to make them attractive and more adoptable.  This will be on scheduled days so that we can have needed supplies available and coordinate with staff duties.

The DATA Team
We need help entering data into the computer –  and we need a lot of help!  This would also include filing of all those wonderful paperwork parts that keep the Animal Center going!

Many volunteers that have spent any time at our Animal Center have directed traffic from time to time.  We need very dedicated greeters.  Remember, it all comes back to the animals and we want everyone who passes through our doors to have a positive experience and a proper greeting sets the tone for the visit, not to mention it lessens frustration by not having them wait in the wrong area.

Wow, has this team grown already!  This is so vital because getting the animals up on as many sites as possible expands their adoption chances many fold!  We always need more pictures of the animals to put on our website and PetTango pages.  To those of you who are doing this already, thank you for helping to send so much more to their permanent homes.  For those interested, we need the help.

The EVENT Team
We do so many events all year that we need more volunteers that know about the upcoming events and can help plan and staff the events.  If you have been out with us, you know all the preparation, set up, tear down, and especially the outreach that happens at each event.  We need help so that we can have more of those crazy weekends where we are in four different locations at once!

We have a constant need for Animal Center laundry to be done.  Many different areas of the Animal Center generate a need for laundry and we hope to find those that like to wash, fluff, and fold!  If you have ever had children, you know how much laundry each child can produce and we have 100′s of animals in our care on a daily basis!!  This is a daily activity and we would love to have many dedicated Laundry Lovelies to help us move our mountains of laundry from dirty to clean.

As an Animal Center, we go through a lot of things and some of those things need to be replaced more often, cat litter boxes and leashes being a couple of the major ones.  We need a dedicated team to help keep these items in stock by checking once a week on supply, demand, and helping get more donations of certain things that we just never seem to have enough of.  This goes a long way in keeping other money focused on the care given to animals.

You would be a part of our great life saving group that has the responsibility of taking care of an animal and providing for it, until it would be able to come back to the animal care center or an offsite location to go up for adoption.  This team also has a support and share group meeting the “Foster Fanatics” held the 2nd Wednesday of every month.   If you are interested in becoming a foster parent, please call (559) 233-7722 x 127 or reach us via email at foster@ccspca.com.  Download our Foster Care Application.

The Reclaim Reach Out Team
You would be helping guide people through the process of looking for their lost pet by answering phones, filling out found reports, and making matches happen.  This is our own in house “Pet Detective” project.  You would also check and update our lost and found posters.

Off-Site Adoptions (locations vary)
Responsibilities may include selecting animals and featuring them, transporting animals and equipment, setting up and tearing down, dog and cat handling, keeping cages clean, communicating with the public about the CCSPCA,  handling adoption procedures and completing adoption paperwork.

Skills needed: Good people skills, ability to handle dogs, knowledge of our Animal Center, and professionalism while representing the CCSPCA.

Training: Orientation and on the job training.

Be a part of the team that features Animals on Comcast stations for further exposure that increases their chances of adoption.
Comcast Video Taping Duties: Select 5 large breed dogs, 5 small breed dogs, and 5 cats.  Always read animal cards to make sure they are ready for adoption.

Fill out animal information slip and slates for each animal.  You take each animal one at a time on leash to be filmed.

Skills: Ability to handle animals and knowledge of our Animal Center’s animal records.

Training: Orientation and on the job training

Surgery Annex Cleaning of Surgery Packs
Every animal adopted from the SPCA must be surgically sterilized before it goes to its adoptive home.  Every animal that has surgery uses one surgery “pack.”  The “pack” has all of the metal instruments and cloth drapes necessary for the spay or neuter.  These instruments must be clean and sterile before they are used on the next animal.  The following steps are necessary:

1. Scrubbing all bodily fluids from each metal instrument under running water.

2. Washing of all cloth portions of the pack in the washing machine.

3. Reassembling the pack with all necessary elements, in a specific order and placement.

4. Wrapping the pack in its barrier wrapping in a designated fashion.

5. Placing a set number of packs into the autoclave.

6. Running the autoclave.

The person appropriate for this job must have a few qualifications.  The person must be comfortable with bodily fluids, including blood, urine, and feces.  The person must pay great attention to detail, have good manual dexterity and eyesight, and must be comfortable in a chaotic, crowded operating room while remaining quiet and calm.

This position would have hours from 1:30 – 4:45pm, Monday-Friday.

Will be trained by registered and studying Veterinary Technicians.  Direct supervision provided.

Spending time with animals that are under veterinary care for illness or injuries:

At any particular time, the CCSPCA has dozens of animals that are isolated from the other animals because they are sick.  These animals get very little interaction with people or other animals due to the risk that a contagious disease will spread.  While they are receiving medications, they could benefit from other therapies, like spending time outdoors, learning to get brushed and have nails trimmed, basic training, and other things to enhance their adaptability once rehabilitated.

This position would be best for someone who works well alone and unsupervised.  The person must be reasonably strong physically and have good animal handling skills.

Limited training can be provided by the Animal Center technician, kennel lead staff, and veterinary staff, but oversight will be limited and infrequent.

This position should be for someone who wants to spend plenty of quiet time with pets that will be getting another chance at adoption.

RECOVERY NURSE (Surgery Annex)
Every animal that is spayed or neutered at the Surgery Annex is placed under general anesthesia.  The animals must be carefully monitored until they regain consciousness.  There may be several (2-8) animals in the recovery period at any one time.  This is the time during which the animals are most at risk of cardiovascular or respiratory arrest and when adverse reactions to medications or vaccines are noted.

The qualified person must be highly attentive to the animals and not bored or complacent during the quiet phases of the job.  This job can be somewhat hectic and high-pressure at times, too.  No prior animal experience is necessary.  Training and direct supervision will be provided by RVTs and Veterinarian.  Hours are from 1:15 pm -5 pm, Monday-Friday.

Help is needed with the endless amount of dirty dog/cat dishes and litter pans.  In the stray building, you will load the dishwasher and follow directions for detergent.  At our Cattery area, you will wash with soap in the tub and soak in bleach water while following direction for the dratio of bleach and water.

Help is needed to check collars on animal to see if it matches paperwork on kennel, as animals tend to chew up their paper work time to time.

Help is needed in promoting adoptions by offering interested persons information about the animal, helping take the animal outside so they can visit, and explain the adoption process.

Thank you for your interest!  If you have any questions please contact Margaret Smith-Goode, Volunteer Manager @ 559.233.7722 x 111 or mgoode@ccspca.com.