Low Cost Microchipping


To ensure the safety of your pet, we highly suggest you microchip them. An implanted microchip gives you the peace of mind that should your beloved pet become lost, that they are returned quickly and safely to your home.

Microchipping is a permanent animal identification system that takes just seconds to administer. The CCSPCA highly recommends microchipping your pets in addition to collars and tags. The cost of a microchip, which includes registration done for you, is $25 and is offered daily.  We also offer a special low cost microchipping service every Wednesday from 10:00AM – 5:00PM for only $20 at our Adoption Center.  Please watch for special events where we will also have low cost microchip clinics.

Pets must be at least 8 weeks old to receive a microchip.

After your animal has been microchipped, you should receive a confirmation letter from 24Petwatch, verifying all of your information. Please make sure you review information attached to your animal’s microchip registration. If you ever move or change any of your information, such as your phone number, please contact the microchip company immediately to update your animal’s registration. Often animals come into our Animal Center with a microchip but with outdated contact information, prohibiting the animal’s safe return home. The gift of the microchip can be a life saving gift for the animal that receives it.

To learn more about microchips click here.