Dog Licensing

Dog Licensing

All Fresno City residents who have a pet dog over 4 months of age must have their dog licensed. This is a health/safety reason and the law (Fresno Municipal Code 10-303). The license assures that your dog has had his up-to-date rabies vaccination. Those who do not have a dog license are subject to a fine of $100 per unlicensed dog.

You must first get a rabies shot. This shot protects your dog against both contracting and spreading the rabies disease. Rabies shots may only be given by a veterinarian at a pet hospital or clinic. You must provide a rabies certificate to get your license.

Want to get your dog’s rabies vaccination, rabies certificate, and license (for City of Fresno only) all in one place?  Central California SPCA is the only place where you can receive all of these services in one convenient location.

For your convenience, you may license your dog by visiting our Adoption Center without an appointment.  Please bring a copy of the dog’s rabies certificate to receive your license.  A dog license is valid from the date of the rabies vaccine for a period of 12 months. You may obtain 3-year licenses in advance.

If you need a rabies vaccination, please visit our CCSPCA Low Cost Vaccination Clinic every 1st & 3rd Wednesday of the month.

City of Fresno Dog Licensing Fees:
  • Dogs spayed/neutered (must provide certificate of spay/neuter): $12
  • Dogs not spayed/neutered: $50
  • Late Penalty: $10
  • Notice of Violation for no dog license: $100 –  dog owner has 30 days from the date the Notice of Violation was issued before citation is issued.

For Fresno County Dog License information, please click here.