It takes a team to save a life, each life is individual!

Through the dedicated and compassionate team effort of the Central California SPCA staff, the phone call was made to Frank Martinez about Kayla. The young, healthy, spayed, vaccinated and licensed, but severely injured Weimaraner, had been put back together by our Veterinarian, Dr. Katy Byrd. The phone call to ask them to come pick up Kayla, came as a surprise to the Martinez family since they had already said goodbye to her when they had brought her in for euthanasia, two weeks earlier.

When she came in, Kayla, was near death with a four-day-old puncture wound to her chest and Mr. Martinez, didn’t have the money to pay a veterinarian. Mr. Martinez was very grateful that the staff was so supportive when he came in to drop her off and that they listened to him through his tears when he hugged Kayla and said, “I’m sorry. I’m poor, and I hope you can forgive me.” Kayla wanting to comfort him licked his face.

Our staff is dedicated to treating each animal as an individual, and it is a huge misunderstanding that every animal that comes in with a request for euthanasia, is euthanized. Each animal is considered individually for needs, health, well-being, and of course QUALITY of LIFE. Our staff knows the importance of communicating with each other so that all the needs for each animal can be met. The talents and dedication shine through in cases like this that get highlighted, this type of happy ending is not a rarity, the voice to the actions of our staff, is a rarity!

Kayla’s recovery was guarded since it was a large wound, and it had not been repaired immediately. The creativity of our Veterinarian, Dr. Byrd, added to her individual needs for surgery and for healing properly. Everyone who worked with her while she was here noticed that she just kept looking for something or someone. She was patient with our staff that cared for her, medicated her, checked her, fed her, fell in love with her, however, she was still looking…

Our front desk team member had the honor of making the surprising call to the Martinez family. They knew it would be a shock, however a welcome one. The excited disbelief cannot be described. Having to reassure that this was in fact real, happened a few times. Kayla’s time for pick up was set for Saturday morning.

On Saturday morning everyone had wide smiles, knowing that it was Kayla’s day to go home. Dr. Byrd brought Kayla from the hospital to be reunited with her family, and Kayla’s tail was a blur with wiggles of extreme joy, while our eyes were a blur with tears of happiness. There are not enough words to share how wonderful it feels to see such a happy reunion!! The tears begin to flow just writing about it, thank fully it is a memory that can be played over and over in the minds of everyone there! Kayla found what she had been looking for her mom and dad!!!

We are grateful to Kayla’s pet parents for spaying her, vaccinating her, licensing her, providing a good home for her, for loving her, through everything!!

It is through the donations from the public that we are able to continue to do everything that we can for each individual animal, because they deserve it!!!