Adoption Pupdate: Willow the Therapy Dog

Adoption Pupdate Willow the Therapy Dog 2

We received this amazing Pupdate from Willow’s owner, Julie. It was too cute not to share!


My husband and I adopted a sweet girl by the name of Willow in December 2016 from the CCSPCA. Willow is a golden retriever mix; she was very shy. It took her almost an entire year to come out of her shell and for her personality to shine. Let me tell you, she was the BEST addition to our family!! We already had two small rescue babies, both girls. In August of 2018, I started training Willow to be a therapy dog (different from a service dog) after realizing her friendly personality toward strangers. We passed the therapy certification in November and Willow is now a Therapy Dog at Saint Agnes Medical Center (Program is Heavenly Hounds). We visit the hospital every Thursday morning to bring smiles and love to doctors, nurses, patients, and family members. She loves it! She is such a friendly sweetheart and in my opinion a true angel on this earth. I just wanted to say THANK YOU for rescuing this sweet girl because she means the world to my husband and I (FYI Willow was one of the animals rescued from the no kill shelter in Orange Cove in 2018). If you would like pictures of Willow, please let me know where to send them to!

Thank you!!

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Adoption Pupdate Willow the Therapy Dog