How to donate to the CCSPCA

Donate To The CCSPCA

Adopting a pet and providing a loving environment is one of the most rewarding experiences in life. But sometimes “life circumstances” pose a challenge to our desire to welcome Fido to the family. Hopefully, you have adopted a pet in the past, are currently a pet owner, or have pet adoption as a “TOP 10” priority on your list when the timing is right. Whatever the circumstances, there are lots of great ways to develop and nurture your pet lover instincts by supporting and donating to the CCSPCA.

Donate Money Today– Donations of cash, stocks, bonds or other investment accounts, go a long way in supporting the CCSPCA and other shelters like ours that have an extensive service area and large homeless animal intake. Donations are tax deductible and provide much needed support for adoption outreach efforts, spay/neuter and microchip programs, and medical funding for severely injured or abused animals requiring veterinary care. Cash donations are gifts from the heart that will have a direct impact on saving pet lives today.

Donate Supplies – Limited on cash? Why not conduct a supply drive? We have a “wish list” of shelter maintenance and pet supplies to care for animals waiting for adoption. Cleaning supplies, blankets, food dishes, pet carriers, and of course, pet food and treats are greatly appreciated and put to good use immediately. Check on our website for the items most needed and become the “Supply Supervisor” in your neighborhood, church group, or service organization. Be creative and cash in on “Credit Card Rewards” points to purchase shelter wish list supplies. Give the gift of using your rewards to receive the ultimate reward of helping to save pet lives.

Test-Drive Your Instincts – If you are not currently a pet owner, why not donate your time as a volunteer or pet foster parent? Visit our website for volunteer opportunities ranging from walking, feeding, and grooming to participating in adoption, community outreach, and fundraising events. Familiarize yourself with what it means to be a pet foster parent. Generally speaking, a foster parent is a compassionate animal welfare advocate, owner, or pet lover who volunteers to take in a homeless pet for a short period of time. Foster families/ individuals provide a safe and nurturing environment for animals who may be too young to adopt or who might be recovering after a medical procedure. Fostering animals not only allows you to nurture your pet lover instincts, but also provides more room at the shelter for assisting other homeless pets in your community. For more information about our foster care program, please visit our foster care page.

Strut your stuff! Time + Expertise = saving pet lives! Are you a communications guru, accounting/investment specialist, or can-do-it-all contractor? There are many aspects of operating an effective animal shelter that require talented people and a variety of skills to make life saving work possible. Whether Rotarian, retiree, or passionate pet person, donating your time and talents will have direct impact on caring for your community’s homeless pet population. Contact us today to find out how your skills could help!

Actively engage in and support our mission – This isn’t rocket science. The steps are simple and the need is great all over the country. How can you have impact? Learn, understand and participate in the mission of the CCSPCA:

  1. Adopting a pet for life and being the best pet parent you can be.
  2. Advocating and encourage friends and neighbors to spay, neuter and microchip their pets.
  3. Spreading the word far and wide about the gift of pet adoption and the many pets available at the CCSPCA.
  4. Being kind to lost animals and helping them reunite with their owners.
  5. Commit to the humane treatment of animals large and small.