Foster a Pet

Foster a Pet at the CCSPCABy fostering an animal, you’re saving a life. The unfortunate truth is when we receive animals that are too small or young, they may be the first to be considered for euthanasia due to their lack of self-sufficiency. By providing a home for them to grow up in, they have a better chance of survival and to find their forever home.

You could be fostering your new family member! We have two options as part of the foster care program. The first option is foster to return for rehoming. The second is foster to adopt. Many of our foster parents fall in love with their foster animals and end up adopting them!

Fostering an animal helps them become more adoptable. Fostered animals are more socialized, healthier, and have a known background of their likes and dislikes. All of these things help future adopters find the perfect pet for their family.

Fostering makes you feel good inside. It is entirely rewarding knowing that you’ve helped save a life.

Foster animals that are sick recover quicker and better in a foster home. The shelter environment is a very stressful situation for animals and therefore they recover at a slower rate.

To become a foster parent, you must apply to become a foster parent. As soon as your application is approved then you can begin fostering.

As a foster parent, you are required to incur the cost of food, medication, and supplies needed for your foster animal.

For more information, please contact our Foster Department at or call 559-233-7722 ext. 127.