Snowy will wiggle her way into your heart! ID#18653409

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Animals Seen on TV

We are fortunate to feature many of our special animals on news segments. This gives them a voice and special time to find them a new home. This CCSPCA program will allow you, the TV and web viewer, to help find these animals a home. Please share with friends and/or adopt this animal yourself.

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Snowy (ID#18653409) will wiggle her way into your heart like she has wiggled her way into ours. You can tell by her photos that she does the creeping-crawl to get close to you, all the way up to the edge of the photo table! She just wants to be with you, even if by a nose. Snowy is a 3 month old Chiweenie puppy that has an override of DNA telling her to bond closely to her human or humans. If you are looking for heart warming puppy love, Snowy is the girl for you!

CCSPCA Adoption Center
559.233.7722 ext.107
8:00am – 4:00pm
Wednesdays Open Until 7:00pm

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