Itty Bitty 3-4 month blue charcoal Chihuahua Terrier Blend ID#310437 – Adopted!

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Animals Seen on TV

We are fortunate to feature many of our special animals on news segments. This gives them a voice and special time to find them a new home. This CCSPCA program will allow you, the TV and web viewer, to help find these animals a home. Please share with friends and/or adopt this animal yourself.

Itty Bitty was Adopted!

Itty Bitty for adoption

Itty Bitty ID#310437 feels like you are holding air she is so light! She is a 3-4 month old blue charcoal Chihuahua Terrier Blend. She is a little love that needs to be indoors, in arms, in a cuddly bed, in a safe place because she is so Itty Bitty!!

CCSPCA Adoption Center
559.233.7722 ext.107
8:00am – 4:00pm
Wednesdays Open Until 7:00pm


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