Bell is a 2 year old, female, brown and tan, Terrier blend

Adopt Bell!

Bell A035848

Meet Bell, ID#035848

Bell has been with the CCSPCA since 11/24/17.
Sing a merry tune with Bell A035848! Bell is a 2 year old, female, brown and tan, Terrier blend. The sound of Bell’s little feet tip-tapping down the halls will be music to your ears! Bell is looking to be someone’s forever companion. Her sweet and gentle personality is sure to win you over when she climbs into your lap for a kiss! One look into her beautiful brown eyes and you’ll be in love. One thing is for sure: Bell will be the best holiday gift you could ever hope for. But don’t wait for the holiday – take Bell home today! Bell is available for immediate adoption at our CCSPCA Adoption Center. Animal Center hours are 10am-5pm, 7 days a week (until 6pm on Wednesdays). The CCSPCA is located at 103 S. Hughes Ave. Fresno, CA 93706. For questions, please call (559) 233-7722 x 119 or email Adoptions@CCSPCA.COM.

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