Why do you have to have your dog licensed?
This is a health and safety reason. The license assures that your dog has had his up-to-date rabies vaccine.

Who needs to have a dog license?
All Fresno City residents who have a pet dog over 4 months of age. Those who do not have a dog license are subject to a fine of $100.00 per unlicensed dog.

Why do I need a dog license?
It’s the law. Fresno Municipal Code 10-303 requires all owners or custodians of a dog over the age of 4 months to obtain a license.

Where can I get a dog license?
CCSPCA – 103 S. Hughes, Fresno, CA (559) 233-7722

What do I need to get a dog license?
You must first get a rabies shot. This shot protects your dog against both contracting and spreading the rabies disease. Rabies shots may only be given by a veterinarian at a pet hospital or clinic. You must provide a rabies certificate to get your license.

Where can I get a rabies shot?
CCSPCA Low Cost Vaccination Clinic: Every 1st & 3rd Wednesday of the month, 9:00 am. – 12:00 pm.
Rabies shots are available at most pet hospitals or clinics.

How long do I have to get a dog license?
If you have a received a Notice of Violation for no dog license, the dog owner has 30 days from the date the Notice of Violation was issued before citation requiring a $100.00 fine per dog is issued.

Why are license investigators going door to door?
License Investigators are in the field to promote education and awareness of animal’s needs and requirements.

What is the late fee for licensing my dog?
The penalty fee is determined by the City’s Master Fee Schedule and is currently $10.

How much does a license cost?

City Dog License fees are as follows:

$12.00 per dog, per year: For dogs that have a spay or neuter certificate along with the rabies vaccination certificate.
$50.00 per dog, per year: For dogs that are not spayed or neutered and provide the rabies vaccination certificate.
$10.00: Late penalty fee when your dog is not licensed on time each year.