Kennel Operations

Do you find homes for all the animals?
Sadly, we do not find homes for all the animals. We constantly need more homes for the amount of animals in our community. They need a place where they can live a good life and be cared for properly.

How long do you keep dogs/cats before they get euthanized?
The time varies for each animal’s individual situation. This may be due to a stray hold, enrichment program, foster, rescue coordination or other circumstance.

Do you do cremations?
We outsource cremations. The cost varies depending on the size of the animal and we are dependent upon their scheduling.

Why can’t you or someone there look for this dog that I’m trying to find over the phone?
We do look for animals when someone calls in, however animals move around a lot in our animal care center and we may not have a staff member available to go look for them.

Why can’t you find homes for all of the dogs and cats?
We have an extreme overpopulation of cats and dogs here in the Central Valley.

Who determines which animals stay and which animals go?
Our animal care center uses a team-based approach to determine the best possible outcome for each animal.