Field Services & Animal Control

Why don’t you ever answer the phones when I call?
Our dispatchers function just as police department dispatchers.  They receive hundreds of calls daily and must prioritize them according to the information they are given.  This process takes time and it may create a wait time for callers.  We have only a few dispatchers that are responsible for covering the huge territory of Fresno City for Animal Control, and the entire Fresno County area for Cruelty and Neglect.  Dispatchers may have to refer callers to other agencies for their specific needs and locations. 

Why don’t you send someone out to get the stray dogs by my house? I’ve called and the dogs are still there.
Our officers respond to all of the calls that the CCSPCA receives.  The stray dog that you called about may leave the area or return home before the officer is able to respond.  It is important to call us back if you notice the same animal in the area.  Please give clear, concise information and times.  You may also request to have an officer speak with you in person.

Why don’t you send someone out about the stray cats?
Currently, there are no leash laws for cats.

What can I do about my neighbor who breeds dogs and clips their tails/ears?
Please call 559-233-7722 and report the situation to our dispatcher.

Who do I call if I want to make a report on animal cruelty, neglect or abandonment?
Please call 559-233-7722 and report the detailed situation to our dispatchers.  Our Humane Officers will then respond to the call and investigate the situation.  You will need to give your full name to our dispatchers.  However, your name will not be disclosed to the party.