Scottish Society Highland Games

The tradition continues with the grand adoptions from the Scottish Society’s Highland Games! We look so forward to this event, like we said, because we get the honor of visits from past adopters and their treasured companions. This year that all continued and we had many visitors to our new mobile unit that had many questions about the future. The really good thing about being out at events like this is that we get to answer anyone’s questions, face to face, and they can ask the questions that they are concerned about. The wide variety of animals that we are able to take out in our new unit allows each family to find what they have been looking for. We were not there long enough to set up before the first adoption took place, the appreciative adopter had been looking for just the right companion, and he found it in our little Cockapoo.

When a litter of 9 Lab blend puppies comes in through the doors, we worry about finding homes for them all, when we get to take 3 of them to an event like this and they all get adopted, we sigh deeply with hope and relief. The icing on the cake is the smile that the adopters have when they pose for a photo with their new companion.

We had multiple adoptions and went back to the animal center with much fewer animals, with many new stories, with a long list of animals and families to look forward to seeing next year, and now having more volunteers and staff used to “rapid fire” adoptions happening all at once!

One of our visitors gave us a lovely Scottish blessing at the beginning of our day, and it helped make it a memorable, successful adoption day. Thank you to everyone with the Scottish Society, and to all of the visitors at the Highland Games, for the animals, your voices rang true!!!