An Evening of Whiskers, Wonder, and Delight

Whisker Wonderland CCSPCAThe magical Whisker Wonderland has returned to the Central California SPCA. On Saturday, December 8, from 5 to 9 p.m. Whisker Wonderland kicked off with a bang. Approximately 85 people attended opening night with their pets and children. We served wine and cheese for our guests to enjoy as they perused the lights, decorations, and activities. There was also other delicious homemade food for sale, as well as cold and warm beverages.

The main spectacle of the night was the Ku’uipo Hula dancers who performed Hawaiian dances depicting their holiday traditions. There were 11 female dancers who shimmied and shook their hips across the dance floor to beautiful Hawaiian music. We would like to thank them for joining us and their wonderful dancing exhibition.

Throughout the evening there were many activities for the children. We had a craft area where the children could choose if they wanted to paint a picture or construct an ornament. Some of the crafts were free or for $1 they could choose from 10 different ornaments to make. All the crafts are holiday related. There were also movies playing for the children to enjoy.

We also had a special appearance of Santa at Whisker Wonderland. All the children sat on his lap and whispered their wish list in his ear. Some were even lucky enough to get a picture with Santa and their pets. Santa gathered all the children around and had story time. All the children sat and listened with care as Santa read “The Little Mermaid and The Christmas Castle.” The Grinch was also caught sneaking about our Whisker Wonderland to the delight of many.

Whisker Wonderland is open every evening until December 23 from 5 to 9 p.m. There are only a few special evenings where Santa and his elves will appear. Those nights are Friday, Dec. 14, Saturday, Dec. 15, Friday, Dec. 21, and Saturday, Dec 22. Please come join us on those nights to take pictures with Santa! And don’t forget to bring your pets, too!

by Sasha Bell