Microchip Madness Promo – June 25th to July 10th

Our 2nd Annual Microchip Madness is here!

All microchips (registration & implantation) only $5!

Come to our adoption center (103 S. Hughes Ave., Fresno, Ca 93706) from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. between June 25 to July 10th to get your pet microchipped!

microchip madness - ccspca


Answers to Your Questions

No appointments needed. First come, first served … there may be a wait, so please be prepared.

Microchipping is available for cats and dogs.

This microchip special is for everyone who owns a pet, not just pets adopted from our adoption center.

Pets need to be at least 2 months old and weigh at least 2 pounds to receive a microchip.

All you need to bring is your pet and a form of payment.

You do not need to be a resident of Fresno county. If you are a resident of Fresno City, there is a limit of 4 pets. If you live in the county, there are no restrictions.

The implantation process is quick and painless. It is administered like a vaccine.

The implantation and registration of the microchip is a one time fee. We recommend checking the information on the chip yearly to make sure everything it correct. There is a fee associated with updating information.

If you already have a microchip and need to update the information on the chip, please contact your microchip company. If you don’t know which company the microchip is through, you can always have your pet scanned at your local veterinarian or at the CCSPCA to get the information you need to update your pet’s microchip.