Tulip is a 1 year old, female, dilute calico, Domestic Shorthair

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Tulip A40998972

Meet Tulip, ID#40998972

Mother of the year Tulip A40998972 is here! Tulip is a 1 year old, female, dilute calico, Domestic Shorthair. Tulip has an amazing story for you! Tulip first came to the shelter as a stray with a newborn litter of eight kittens, but unfortunately, only one survived. Around the same time, four newborn puppies were brought to us, hungry and without their mother. With only one kitten to care for, Tulip decided to step up and take in those puppies and nurse them as if they were her own! The puppies took right to her and they quickly became a happy family. Now the puppies and their kitten sister are grown and eating solid food. They still need a little time in foster care, but Tulip is ready to move on and find her forever home. She’s sweet, loving, and cuddly, and she just loves to make friends. Can you take care of Tulip just like she took care of her family? Tulip is available for immediate adoption at our CCSPCA Adoption Center. Animal Center hours are 10am-5pm, 7 days a week (until 6pm on Wednesdays). The CCSPCA is located at 103 S. Hughes Ave. Fresno, CA 93706. For questions, please call (559) 233-7722 x 119 or email Adoptions@CCSPCA.COM.

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