Neuter Day helps reduce strays!!

Stanley Neuter BoyOur Neuter Day on October 1st did prove to be Neuter-ific! Although not as many people showed up for their low cost neuter as we hoped, we did have many grateful families take advantage of saving money while doing the right thing for their pets.

Stanley is one of them, he was a kitten found on the streets, taken in by a caring family that wants to give him a lifetime of love including providing for his needs. Stanley did voice his opinion about being separated from his safety net , his home, while at the George Whittell Animal Hospital for his neuter, so he was really happy when his family picked him up that afternoon. Now Stanley will not have offspring that may not be as lucky as him to make it off the streets.

Of the 64 neuters that we had scheduled for Neuter Day, 33 did show up, 12 cats/kittens and 21 dogs/puppies. There are many families that would like to be able to spay or neuter their animals, and do need the low cost options to be able to do so. We hope to remind those that schedule for our next Spay Day or Neuter Day that your spot is important, valued and sought out by others. If for any reason you’re not able to make it in with your animal for sure on the surgery day, please allow another family to take your spot.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this neuter day a success in saving and bettering lives, please watch for the next Spay / Neuter Day coming soon!