Spay Day Success

Thrilled to share that many people took the moto “Spay Today Neuter Now” to action for Spay Day! 49 Cats and Kittens were spayed, it would have been 50 but they found out that one Cat had already been spayed. Those are hopeful odds that will add to saving lives here in the Central Valley. We look forward to using our Spay Day Hotline again very soon. Please stay tuned to our website and Facebook where we will announce our next Spay Day and the pet population that we are trying to reach.
Right now it is key to spay and neuter as many Cats and Kittens as possible so that they don’t have litters this spring that will need to find homes. If you need help financially with getting your animal spayed or neutered please see our Spay Fresno Fund page for those guidelines. Our goal is to have different Spay Day’s focus on Animal Seasons to prevent the most litters possible from needing future homes. Thank you to all of our donors for making this a reality!!