A Community that Cares

We’d like to thank Norma for bringing our attention to a situation earlier this summer regarding three pit bulls and the question of their care. We investigated this situation and in September determined that their was no illegal activity going on. As a result, the investigation was closed. Recently, we were informed that these concerns were still ongoing. Norma did an excellent job getting our attention and getting the community to support us in our efforts to go back and investigate this potential situation. We prioritized the concern and we sent out another investigative officer to review the situation and report on their findings. We’d like to thank Norma for her continued support and her community efforts to find animals in need.

Update Dec 29, 2012
Although the dogs are in good condition, our animal control investigator found the owner to be in violation of providing adequate provisions for the watering/sheltering/tethering of 2 pit bull dogs and has issued a “notice of violation and order to comply” for immediate corrective action.

Follow-up will be conducted within a week’s time.