I am a 2 month old, male, tricolor, Chihuahua/Terrier blend

Adopt Scout!

Meet Scout, ID#053046

Hi! I’m Scout A053046! I am a 2 month old, male, tricolor, Chihuahua/Terrier blend. Take me home! I learned to sniff out kibble when I was just 5 weeks old. We can play “find the kibble” if you hide it for me. I have a happy dance that will make you laugh! When I’m happy or excited, I run and play. I like to play in the yard with the leaves, sticks, and toys. I’m looking for someone to play with and to snuggle with, too. I know how to “come”, “sit”, and “potty”. I even sit before I’m given food, and I sit quietly for you to pick me up. I’ll make sure to tell you when I need to go outside, and then just take me to the grass and I know what to do. If you wiggle your fingers near the floor and say “come”, I’ll be there! I’m crate-trained to keep me safe. I’m even learning to “shake hands”! I roll over so you can gently rub my tummy. Help me be a good dog by giving me toys to chew on, and hide your shoes. I’m looking for a good person to be my caretaker and playmate. Please don’t leave me in the yard and go play with your friends. Invite them over and we can all play together! I am available for immediate adoption at our CCSPCA Adoption Center. Animal Center hours are 10am-5pm, 7 days a week (until 6pm on Wednesdays). The CCSPCA is located at 103 S. Hughes Ave. Fresno, CA 93706. For questions, please call (559) 233-7722 x 119 or email Adoptions@CCSPCA.COM

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