Dog Entangled in Barbed Wire & Volleyball Net Saved by CCSPCA

Around 11 AM on Tuesday, April 30, 2019, a CCSPCA Animal Control Officer responded to a call regarding a stray dog in the Nielsen and Marks area. The reporting party stated the stray dog had wandered into her garage and was tangled in a net. Upon speedy dispatch, the male shepherd mix was found in a state of distress – not only found tangled in a volleyball net, but also by a piece of barbed wire. He was immediately rushed to the CCSPCA campus.

An emergency procedure was performed to remove the barbed wire and net from the dog. Though the barbed wire had not punctured through his skin, it was thoroughly entangled. The Spay and Neuter Services medical team was able to safely remove the volleyball net and wire from his body. Following a post-procedure examination, four foxtails were found and removed from his left eye, left nose, and rear.

The dog is safely in the CCSPCA’s care, and is on the road to recovery. Now it’s time to reunite the dog with his owner.  If you recognize him please visit the CCSPCA Stray Animal Center daily between 8 AM and 5 PM (6 PM on Wednesdays.)

The care and treatments for this dog would not be possible without the public’s support and donations. If you would like to help animals in need of emergency treatments, please consider donating to our Wellness Fund. To make a donation, call (559) 233-7722 ext. 110 or visit For more information about the Wellness fund, visit