Hudson the Morgan Goes to a Loving Home

Hudson found a home!
Hudson—Now Adopted !!
He is a Gelding, Dark Bay, white blaze, RH heel, 3-4yr, Morgan, less socialized will be project horse, that came in with many others from one of our investigation cases. He always wanted to respond to people, but he was scared and felt he needed to be careful with humans. Hudson liked to whinny for breakfast and dinner if our Officers didn’t move fast enough with the food, of course that was if the other’s did too, he was truly part of the herd, he didn’t want to stand out on his own. He is now in his new home where they understand that he will need help, training, a professional hand, and patience. His person fell in love with him, he is a fortunate boy. Please enjoy the video of him going to his new home!
Carol Coy We just adopted Hudson a Morgan gelding from the SPCA in Fresno and he is a great horse and the employees were fantastic, They helped us find the horse that was right for us. They were fantastic!!!!!