Bruce (aka Rogue) finally finds his new life path

Bruce (aka Rogue) finally found his new life path. Many of you may have heard about our special boy, Bruce, who has been through some interesting dynamics in his life recently. He is also special in that he is a very unique breed, a Cao de Fila de Sao Miguel (Azores Cattle Dog).

Bruce went with us to the Scottish Society Highland Games in hopes that we would be able to find him a home. It was fun saying his breed name over and over to people who were intrigued with his looks and personality. And then it happened …. a couple came over to meet him and they fell in love. They had moved recently and were ready to be pet parents of a large breed dog. Kathryn and Jeremy were so excited they even wanted to go shopping before bringing Bruce home so that his new home would be all ready for him. Bruce has now entered his new life’s path with loving pet parents that will give him just what he needs. And now Kathryn and Jeremy will have the great fun of saying his breed name to all who ask!!!